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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jay Dubber, Music Promoter Supreme

I was so thrilled when Jay Dubber, the youthful Australian music promoter informed me he had ordered the very first copy of my novel Frantic (Celia Birtwell designed the new cover) from,
I felt compelled to blog about him in return.

Jay is a youthful London based music promoter and events organiser, whose enviable address book is bulging with illustrious and international music industry figures including Acoustic, Rock, Pop and Metal artists.

Since the early 2000s he has successfully hosted tributes to artists such as Jeff Buckley (USA), Tim Buckley (USA) and Nick Drake (UK), working with their families and Estates in the UK and USA to keep their music alive and fresh to the new audiences of today.

'Jay, your da bomb! Thank you for your help and support!' enthuses
Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley's mum).

'You're certainly well organised with your tribute to Tim ! Well Done!' says
Judy Buckley (Former wife of Tim Buckley).

I first met Jay last year at his dynamic 'Celebration Of' Nick Drake's music at the Cockpit Theatre. (Jay is  in the pic above next to the late Robert Kirby, the man who wrote, arranged and conducted the strings for Drake's music).

I was impressed how Jay had managed to lure in so many talented musicians (including the prolific Stuart Anthony) to perform at his well-organised event. I was particularly thrilled because the music industry photographer Richard Shakespeare took such a flattering paparazzi snap of me, I've asked him to take my photo for my next book

Jay is a classic all rounder. He is not only a brilliant music promoter, he is also currently branching out into other music fields such as helping bands on tour, photography (he works with the photographer David Hindley a lot), helping new artists with contacts for venues, tour promotion material and 'who needs what' in music from networking around London, under his own London based company name J Dubber Music Promotion.

If all that isn't prolific enough, Jay has also joined forces with the London based company Out of Bounds Music (run by Paul Handley , who hosted Jay's 2009 Nick Drake London Tribute). They first met at a Magic Numbers/Soul Parade event.

'I love the live music experiences and meeting people in the music industry from all different ranges of music,' Jay says.

He wants to get to know the musicians beyond their music.

'I enjoy watching them play live, and the type of people they are 'with' their music and what made them tick, and the behind doors experience,' he says.

All the musicians who are lucky to work with Jay obviously love him.

'Jay, the work you are doing to celebrate such sensitive,gifted troubadours like Tim Buckley and Nick Drake is indeed a marvellous musical service to fans and new listeners alike, way to go!' Lee Underwood, the legendary Tim Buckley's guitarist says.

Even though Jay is incredibly busy, he manages to find time for his hobby which is making music picture frames for others. He also collects all his musical experiences with merchandise and past promotion material. Isn't there anything Jay Dubber can't do?


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