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Thursday, May 06, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Ex-groupies, start slobbering: It's not often that Jimmy Page (pictured with Sam Cutler), Richard Cole, the 'infamous' ex-tour manager of Led Zeppelin, Tom Salter ex-manager of the Grateful Dead, the legendary rock manager Danny Secunda, Jeff Dexter, the ex manager of America and Andrew King, the manger, formerly of Blackhill Enterprises, who managed the Pink Floyd and Ian Drury are clustered together in one room.

But this group of Music Industry figures were just some of the glamorous guests at Sam Cutler's launch for his You Can't Always Get What You Want launch at Beach Blanket Babylon last night.

Sam's lucidly written autobiography about his days as a tour manager for the Stones and the Dead was first published in Australia before being republished by ECW Press a Canadian publisher for the USA market.

Thanks to Sam's extensive Media saturated book launch in the States, his tome is already a bestseller. And one of the guests at the launch told me he's even going to translate the book into French.

Also at this exciting book launch were a sea of glamorous old faces paying homage to Sam Cutler, including Gregory Sams, Zelda Chesterfield (pictured with Sam Cutler) and journalist and writer Danae Brook also pictured with Sam (one of her scoops was breaking the story about Diana's engagement to Charles).

Robin Marchesi, the poet changed the batteries of my camera halfway through the evening. And I was also treated to an impromptu cabaret from the chanteuse/songwriter Holly Penfield who belted out a song before departing for her late night gig.


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