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Friday, June 18, 2010

Arlic Dromgoole Goes Frantic

I'm amazed! Arlic Dromgoole (pictured above with parrot), one of my favourite rock 'n' roll artists in California has now got to be one of my new Fave Raves.

He has just alerted me he's read Frantic, my 'nostalgic' novel about the excessive early 70's set in London and San Francisco.

'This  is a great  read … it's an adult Alice and Wonderland story for those with open minds. With the book's backdrop of the music, art, drugs, liquor, and characters of the 70's, you know how to use words that capture the imagination,' this artist, photographer and rock 'n' roll film maker critiques.

Arlic is also a much in demand portrait painter, who specialises in successfully capturing the images of his glittering medley of musician friends (including Steve Miller, the virtuoso guitarist Albert Lee, the late and lamented Norton Buffalo, John Handy, the sax player, and the sublime award-winning David Honeyboy Edwards).

And if all that isn't prolific and versatile enough, Arlic finds time to design 'one of a kind' CD covers and enjoys taking photos of his favourite musicians, including the one for the cover of the Roy Rogers and Norton Buffalo's  Roots of Our Nature masterpiece (pictured above).

Arlic also recently re-kindled and managed the career of his friend, the sizzling blues musician Johnny "V" Vernazza, one of the most scintillating guitarists in the Music Business.

As I could easily listen to him for days, I confess I happily but guiltily procrastinate on a regular basis by looking at Arlic's  huge collection of exclusive video clips of Johnny "V", as well as all his other musician friends on his delectable YouTube's site and his addictive MySpace site.

I'd be more than happy for Arlic to design any of my future book covers if I can discipline myself to stop viewing his clips  instead of focussing on writing.


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