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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Stuart Anthony Sings and Plays Like A Unique Angel.

When I discovered that Stuart Anthony one of my favourite singers is going to support the 'legendary' Ian McNabb at The Yorkshire House in Lancaster on Saturday October 23rd  I quickly put the date on my Mac's  iCal calendar  to remind me to get my ticket immediately as undoubtedly the gig's going to be a sell out!

I first saw Stuart perform at  last year's Nick Drake's music at the Cockpit Theatre which was promoted by Jay Dubber. I fell in love with his unique voice as well as his prowess with his guitar, and wanted to find out more about this classical and alluringly original musician.

I discovered that Stuart's music C.V. boasts The Colourful Truth, his 2006/7 first solo album which came to the attention of Mark Tucker, editor of Acoustic Magazine. Mark who is also an engineer and producer of acts like P.J.Harvey, Portishead, Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, and Pentangle  etc. reviewed Stuart's first unsigned album in his magazine.

'I can't wait to get my mitts on his music,' Mark declared, which made him decide to mix and master Stuart's next album, the poignant House of Sun, which was released online in March 2010 by independent label Trebuchet Records.

House Of Sun has been described as 'a musical journey of deeply original, yet accessible song writing, based in acoustic sound.' Touches of violin, bass, piano and slide guitar add rich colour.

 Some tracks from Stuart's second album, which   proves Stuart isn't your ordinary singer/songwriter meat and potatoes are: the Legacy , Soul and Desire and the Tree of Life , which breaks boundaries and harks back to Tim Buckley’s “Starsailor” or Kate Bush's vocal experiments.

The whole album has been perfectly described as a 'journey that keeps the listener engaged and eagerly wondering where it will go next, and as the last notes fade out , leads  to the paradox of feeling very satisfied, but with a desire for more.'

After House of Sun's release Stuart also featured as the "Heads Up" artist in issue 31 of Acoustic Magazine. And R2-Rock 'n' Reel was ecstatic about Stuart's second album.

'One of the most independently produced records I've heard in a while. It's about time the world wakes up to this man's talents,' they raved.

So how does Stuart best describe his lauded second album?

'The best feature of House of Sun is it's sheer unpredictability,' is his personal description.

I have to agree with his verdict, as I listened to the album several times when I first got it to make sure I got it, which is a rare occurrence as far as I'm concerned. It's definitely one of those albums which can't be ignored, a rare occurrence these days!

One major online magazine which agreed with me was Penny Black, who made House of Sun it's editors' choice.

'Utterly blissful acoustic moments .... a laid back demeanour shines throughout, and with the Buckley-esque title track setting the pace, you quickly see that Stuart Anthony is a cut above the rest of the acoustic acts that are out there,' they said.

Even the renowned  internet reviewer Toxic Pete raved over House of Sun.

'Superbly executed  songs from the heart and mind, of one of the finest, yet to be truly discovered acoustic troubadours of our time,' he enthused.

Although Stuart's sound is undoubtedly influenced by Tim Buckley   and Nick Drake, Stuart is a unique and original artist.   

After he headlined the Tim Buckley Tribute Concert at London’s Cockpit Theatre in May 2008 alongside Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2,  he received praise from Tim Buckley’s lead guitarist and ex-Rolling Stone journalist, Lee Underwood.

'Truly beautiful, sensitive, intimate, bringing in Nick Drake and Tim Buckley, but he's not held captive by those influences, adding his own special energy and talent. Great stuff!' he raved.

'Modern and timeless,' Trevor Dann, former head of former head of BBC Music and latest biographer of Nick Drake is how he described Stuart’s music.

Stuart Anthony is currently recording his third album with a new band, which has already generated Major label interest . In the words of Acoustic Magazine in 2010: ”it’s about time the world woke up to this man’s talents.”


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